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Humble yourself

As I contemplated the inadequacy of my driveway, lack of fence to contain future teen drivers, and the cost of a fence done right… on top of recently receiving the worst tax bill ever…. I filled up my car with Helping Friendly Bags.

I started at the Charlotte Street Beloved Asheville Street Pantry to drop a couple, followed by a picking up a couple biscuits at Bojangles. Next, I swooped over to the Merrimon Ave pantry outside of Greenlife where I dropped a few more. Next, I was pleasantly surprised to see the Lexington Ave pantry very full. I proceeded to cross the road and give a bag to a man who proclaimed, “Yes!!! I needed a notebook”…. Filled my heart really.

On my next stop I found a pleased soul at the Monfort exit… I wish I knew her story; very well spoken, smile from ear to ear… when I asked if she was hungry she said “starving” and she proceeded to accept a biscuit. Next stop I luckily found some wandering souls near Haywood Congregation who accepted bags with open arms and responses like “purple is my favorite color” and “god bless you”. Finally, I made my way to the downtown pantry and tunnel road pantry to round out the 25-30 bag drop off.

I returned home feeling less concerned and filled with joy. Be humble and remember the power of giving… have you spread love today? If not, there is always tomorrow. ✌🏼💜🌈

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